‘With every pivot, twist and turn’: Brisbane festival bounces back

“A festival should be current, adaptable and in a position where it can respond to what is happening and what people are saying,” she said.

“I think we have consistently done this with every pivot and twist and turn that the pandemic has thrown at us.

“There’s nothing else in the world like the magic of live performance and the interaction with it and the artists that perform.

Brisbane Festival fireworks.

“Even until 2021, when there was a full program, he was on the edge, not sure if it would continue or not.

“Now we are out of the pandemic and the festival has a freedom and artists have confidence that they can showcase their work nationally and globally and not have to worry about borders closing on us.”


Bezzina said the work of Brisbane-born artist Lee The Spheres on the Brisbane Art Boat was one to watch this year.

“To have Lindy come back to Brisbane to create a large scale piece of art is amazing and if people see the boat on the river they will be captivated by Lindy’s work,” she said.

Bezzina said the festival will also feature the work of Brisbane-based artist Ana Yen, Slow Boat, inspired by her father’s journey when he arrived in Australia after the war.

“The story is one of resilience and connection. His father’s journey describes how he integrated his life in Brisbane and set up shows for the community to come to Bulimba shipyards,” she said.


“The work has opera and Chinese martial arts, but ultimately it’s a play at the heart of it.”

Bezzina said festivals were important in providing a platform for artists, especially those who have battled the pandemic.

“I think artists are feeling a sense of fatigue over the past two years and how taxing it has been to reinvent and reimagine and endure the constant battle to make their work financially viable,” he said. she stated.

“We have an obligation to take that pressure from artists and let them be the dreamers and creatives that they are while relieving them of that administrative burden and ensuring that our festival has a diverse mix of performance.”

Tickets go on sale from 9am Wednesday and can be purchased at the Brisbane Festival website.

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