Will the Vancouver Hot Chocolate Festival take place in 2022?

When the weather outside is terrible, a cup of hot chocolate really looks delicious!

This winter, the weather outdoors in Metro Vancouver has been appalling, so a heartwarming cup – or two – of hot chocolate looks especially delicious. The good news is that the city’s popular annual hot chocolate festival is set to take place again, spanning four weeks in January and February 2022.

Kicking off on January 15 and ending on February 14, the month-long event is arguably the sweetest way to count down to Valentine’s Day. The Hot Chocolate Festival finds restaurants, cafes and candy shops in Metro Vancouver that offer original cocoa concoctions and specialties to please your sweet tooth. Warming Chocolate Drinkers can get their hands on the drinks of their choice by simply visiting a participating location.

In recent years, the Hot Chocolate Festival has seen around 40 attendees each winter, imagining and dumping a list of nearly 100 mouth-watering sweet creations.

Year after year, some places go out of their way and offer outrageous and exaggerated concoctions with unique and unexpected ingredients; in the past we’ve seen hot chocolates spiced with all kinds of spices and ingredients like bacon or even crickets, along with cookies, candies, and other mouthwatering additions. You can even find hot chocolates with an adult boost, i.e. alcohol, while others will keep it a bit more traditional.

What does this year have in store for you? We can expect to know which places in Metro Vancouver will be attending Hot Chocolate Fest 2022 just before the sweet celebration begins in mid-January.

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