When friends leave you without closure

However, some friendships sometimes end very bitterly and friends leave without saying a word.

The questions often remain unanswered. Some days you’ll blame yourself for things that go wrong, leading you to send a series of long apologetic texts, even though you know they’ll go unseen or go unanswered.

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Why do people suddenly come into our life, become an important part of it, only to leave us one day, without even an explanation? How do they sleep at night knowing that the friend they shared everything with, sheds tears and stays awake all night, drowning in a sea of ​​questions unable to find an answer to this deafening silence?

They shared everything with you, from the things that made them happy to the things that made them cry. During their most vulnerable times, they may have told you something no one knew about, so why did they have to leave like that? To be completely honest, I still don’t have a proper answer to this question. Sometimes no matter how hard we try to hold some people back, they will leave.

My friend of two years left me within minutes. I remember asking him what happened and why he walked away like that. All I got in response was, “We shouldn’t talk as much as we do now. It sent me into a state of shock because someone I spoke with for hours had devalued my friendship in minutes.

I used to go through our old conversations right after he left me and read every text, just to make sure I hadn’t done anything wrong. Coming to the end of the conversation, however, made me realize: there was nothing I could do; it was not my responsibility.

Here’s the takeaway: it’s no longer your business. Ask how this person is doing, ask them anything. You don’t have to blame yourself for their actions, the burden is not on your shoulders. It will hurt you and you may not be able to trust anyone else for a while. Every time you befriend someone, you will wonder if they will hurt you in the same way. Take your time to accept it, it’s not easy to let someone go with all these questions going around in your head.

The good news is that if you’ve made it this far without this friend, you’ll probably get further.

Angelina Nodee Francis likes to make self-deprecating jokes and run away from her problems. Send him memes at [email protected]

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