We try lamb testicles at Bolton Market Nkono street food stall

A STREET food stand stumbled upon a surprise hit – inspired by I’m A Celebrity… Get Me Out of Here!

Nkono at Bolton Market sells testicles of lamb – also known as sweetbread – and The Bolton News has come to try them.

We sent our editor Steve Thompson to the market to sample the “lamb meatballs” earlier this week – after they were sold at the Bolton Food and Drink Festival.

Editor Steve Thompson and Nkono chef and owner Alain Job

Chef Alain Job must order the product especially from butchers in the market.

He then prepares them on his stall ready for the lunchtime crowd.

The menu changes at Nkono every day – but if punters want to try the delicacy for themselves, all they have to do is ask Alain who will take care of their menu setting in the coming week.

The chef said: “They are very good for you and they taste great. I cook them with Jersey cream, shallots and Camembert cheese.

The Bolton News: StevE Thompson tries 'lamb meatballs' prepared by Alain Job in Nkono at Bolton MarketStevE Thompson tries “lamb balls” prepared by Alain Job in Nkono at Bolton market

“We sold them at the Bolton Food and Drink Festival – they’re very popular.

“These are a delicacy in places like Hong Kong and are very popular.”

Marinated and cooked on a grill, the lamb dish goes well with a bowl of rice and according to Alain can be “quite old-fashioned and intense” when cooked.

The Bolton News: Steve gets into the dishSteve gets into the dish

Editor-in-chief Steve said: “I was really scared to try them – even though I have done a lot of taste tests over the years for the newspaper.

“But I have to say these were honestly awesome. I would have them again, without a doubt.

“The meat is very smooth with a texture similar to scallops. It was a subtle taste in a punchy sauce.

Nkono first tested the special dish a month ago and then launched it at the food and drink festival.

Alan fell in love with healthy balls and wanted to bring something different to Bolton.

He compares it to sirloin and says people are shocked when they walk past and ask what it is.

The Bolton News: The dish cooked on the stoveThe baking dish on the stove

He said: “The first thing they say is that they’ve never tried it and if it’s real.

“They are curious and the demand started to come out of curiosity and now people are waiting 30 minutes while we run out and do more.”

Lamb sweetbreads are on the menu for £ 5 at Nkono.

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