Unity Road Dispensary acquires Trill Alternatives in Boulder


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Franchising stores in the legal marijuana industry isn’t quite like opening fast food restaurants, but Unity Road is willing to give it a try.

The dispensary’s franchisor has just opened its first location, a store in the heart of Boulder at 1537 Pearl Street, although it is not actually owned by Unity Road. Similar to how the restaurant franchise operates, Unity Road sells marketing and supply chains to dispensary owners, who pay Unity Road a fee for branding and support.

According to franchise manager Mike Weinberger, the Unity Road site in Boulder, formerly the Trill Alternatives dispensary, is the company’s first branded store. Unity Road has plans for three more stores in Colorado, as well as seven other states across the country.

“For us, we always want to find the best locations – the best places not only for our franchisees, but also for our brand. Having our flagship open in the heart of Boulder, right next to Mountain Sun Brewery. It couldn’t get better. Weinberger says. “Our franchisees own the business. We have no capital in the business. ”

Unity Road transitioned to the Trill storefront about two weeks ago, Weinberger says, with plans for interior renovations as well. The conversion marks the end of the Trill dispensaries, which

included a store in Denver

and a store in Boulder at one point, but the brand’s fate in the marijuana industry was sealed after founder David Threlfall closed the Denver store in 2019 and sold his shares of the Boulder location. to Nate Wetzel, the current owner of the Boulder dispensary.

Wetzel guarded the dispensary while Threlfall founded Trill Pills, a brand of CBD derived from hemp, and that’s where Unity Road stepped in.

“There are a lot of people going into the cannabis business without producers and without brand support,” Weinberger said. “We provide the brand, marketing, support, supply chain, social media, and anything else you would need to run the dispensary.”

Unity Road offers medical and recreational sales and has an active medical delivery license in Boulder, although Weinberger says the dispensary does not plan to start deliveries until August.

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