United Through Food Iraqi cookbook launched on Iraqi Day of Dialogue and Peace [EN/AR/KU] – Iraq

United Through Food Iraqi cookbook launched on Iraqi Day of Dialogue and Peace [EN/AR/KU] – Iraq


Baghdad, Iraq, June 15, 2022 The United Nations Development Program (UNDP), in partnership with the Community Dialogue and Peace Committee of the Office of the Prime Minister, organized the Iraqi Day of Dialogue and Peace in Baghdad yesterday, which aims to celebrate the unique diversity of Iraqi communities.

The celebration brought together cultural and musical artists from across Iraq representing various ethnic and religious groups, and was headlined by oud player Mustafa Zair and his Peace Orchestra. united by food, an Iraqi cookery and history book, was published, emphasizing food as a catalyst for unity and social cohesion in Iraq. The book is available onlinefeaturing a brief history of each of Iraq’s 18 governorates as well as region-specific dish recipes.

The Iraqi Day of Dialogue and Peace, the first celebration of its kind, took place at the Baghdad International Fair and brought together representatives of all Iraqi governorates, members of the government, non-governmental organizations, the diplomatic corps, UN agencies, media and Iraqi artists and influencers. .

UNDP Resident Representative in Iraq, Zena Ali-Ahmad, said: “The Day of Dialogue and Peace in Iraq is an opportunity for different groups to come together and celebrate the diverse and unique cultural traditions that bring Iraqis together. . I am pleased to announce the launch of united by fooda project that highlights the importance of hospitality, generosity and community in Iraqi culture.”

According to Dr. Hisham Daoud, Advisor to the Prime Minister and Chairman of the Community Dialogue and Peace Committee, “This event is a celebration of peace. Hundreds of people from all Iraqi governorates accepted this invitation and came together to celebrating music, artistic expression, and cuisine Society is all about art, culture, song, and joy, and after decades, Iraqis deserve to know happiness.

Five-year UNDP program in Iraq Social Cohesion Program launched in January 2020 to promote stronger, peaceful and more cohesive communities in all areas of Iraq.

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