Unauthorized Home Depot Viral Privilege Training Brochure

The resource was unauthorized, the company said.

ATLANTA — A pamphlet discussing different types of societal privilege is going viral on social media, prompting both criticism and support for Home deposit.

The flyer, titled Best Practices – Unboxing Privilege, allegedly came from a Home Depot employee and was posted online. The document bears the company logo and discusses benefits like class privilege and white privilege.

“If you are convinced that the police exist to protect you, you have white privilege,” the resource reads. He also described religious privilege as follows: “If you can expect to be away from work to celebrate your religious holidays, you have Christian privilege.”

Atlanta-based Home Depot is facing backlash as the document continues to circulate on the internet. The home improvement chain has more than 2,300 stores in the United States, Canada and Mexico with critics threatening to boycott the company. As of Wednesday night, Home Depot had not publicly addressed the learning materials.


Is this a Home Depot document?



This statement needs context. The document was shared at a Home Depot store, but the claim needs context because it was not widely distributed or authorized.


As critics and supporters rally around the viral image, Home Depot said the material was shared at a store. However, the resource has not been endorsed by the company’s Diversity, Equity and Inclusion department.

“He was a resource in our canadian division and not part of any required programming,” a Home Depot spokesperson said in a statement to 11Alive.

According to The Home Depot Canada, there are 182 stores Across the country. The company did not say which store the flyer came from.

Home Depot did not respond to questions about the backlash or whether there will be corrective action for the unauthorized material.

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