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I love fall!

Wednesday was the fall equinox, Mabon, and the official start of the Libra season, my favorite time of year because I’m Libra and it’s my personal New Years season.

This year, I am 50 years old, which is drastic for me. I love “big” birthdays and have big plans for this one to focus on clearing out old energy and get on with the life I want to live.

Yesterday was our beautiful Harvest Moon and the weather was amazing. I worked a lot outside in the beautiful weather.

For several weeks, I focused on personal care. This week I’m going to share with you some of the fall wellness activities that I enjoy.

Fall is a great time to do seasonal cleaning and a cleanse of your surroundings.

Mabon, still on the fall equinox, is known as the Celtic harvest festival where people thank Mother Earth for the harvest and pray that the food will last all winter.

In these modern times, one way to commemorate Mabon is to free up the space in your home. Make room to snuggle up and roll over indoors during the cooler temperatures. I worked on decluttering and cleaning my house and studio.

As a writer and artist, I have always accumulated paper and books. During those times when I haven’t had live yoga classes and few body shop clients in my home and studio, I tend to pile up projects in my space.

So I have beekeeping equipment, seeds and soil in the middle of what is otherwise my workshop.

Of course, I won’t really get rid of the books, but I organize them and dust them off, and recruit help to get things unmade and clean them up, so I can breathe more freely – both physically and philosophically.

Even here in Texas where the weather is quite warm in the fall and sometimes in the winter, it’s a wonderful time to focus on self-care and healing, to soothe ourselves and our families.

While we may think of traditional comfort foods, such as pizza, and desserts rich with refined sugar and white flour, we can find ways to truly nourish both body and mind, in a seasonal harmony.

We can synchronize with the season and eat seasonal foods.

The Greenville Farmers Market is open every Saturday through November 20, 9 a.m. to 12 p.m. Local producers have fresh, locally grown produce, raw honey and homemade breads made with local ingredients and with care.

At Celeste, Good Earth Organic Farm has a large seasonal harvest and has product volumes perfect for those who enjoy canning or like the economical choice of canning their own food.

Fall is a great time to try out new recipes and make copious amounts of healthy soups using root vegetables as they become available.

Picking apples is in season and can be pressed with the greens of most vegetables.

Pumpkin isn’t just for coffee! One of my favorites is adding pumpkin puree to vegan protein shakes and roasted squash to accompany dinner parties.

Hot teas bring comfort to the body.

It’s also a good time to add probiotics like kombucha and probiotic sauerkraut to keep your digestive system from getting sluggish as the weather gets colder and activity and motivation can slow down.

Depending on your personal needs, if you practice yoga, you may want to include heat generating practices.

As with what we put in our body, we can synchronize what we do with our body with the rhythms of nature.

Maybe you want to try Ashtanga or Vinyasya yoga, where the physical flow is often more difficult than a practice of hatha or gentle yoga.

Maybe you want to try a hot yoga session in a studio. Or maybe the opposite is necessary for you as fall is the time to cultivate calmness and grounding and maybe become more restorative in your practice like yin yoga, restorative yoga or the addition of more meditative practices and you want to focus your meditations on gratitude.

Whatever suits you this season, I wish you all health and well-being. Let me know how I can help you, what you would like to hear. You can join me on Facebook at: lizzonesco or ladyliz10.

Liz Jones owns Liz Jones Wellness LLC in Hunt and Rockwall Counties and is building the Jones Wellness Ranch north of Greenville. She can be contacted at [email protected] or through her website at


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