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MAURY THOMPSON Special for The Post-Star

Of The Post Star in 1972 – 50 years ago:

The Star Spangled Washboard Band was scheduled to headline the annual “Good Shepard Folk Festival” at Shepard Park in Lake George at 8 o’clock that evening, The Post Star announced July 21.

“This good-time set is well known throughout the region for its wacky brand of musical merriment and is quickly becoming a popular year-round attraction in the North Country.”

The band performed on Thursday, Friday and Saturday nights of the season at the Tankard Room at the Fort William Henry Hotel.

Also on the program was the Medeoceaur Trio, which featured violin and pump organ music; blues/folk singer/songwriter Bertilla Baker; and cowboy ballad singer John Simpson.

The festival was dedicated to Lucille Tasker and her colleagues who operated The Frame Coffee House in Fort Edward.

People also read…

Return of graduates: Sister Mary Ancilla Leary, a graduate of St. Mary’s Academy, returned as the school’s new principal.

“A sweet, gentle woman with an impressive background in education is the new principal of St. Mary’s Academy.” — July 24

Hudson Falls: Eli Lilly and Co. paid tribute to Clary’s Pharmacy in Hudson Falls for filling its millionth prescription.

Irv Esner, a sales representative for Eli Lilly, presented William and James Clary with a memorial gift pot. — July 21

Queenbury: Queensbury supervisor Jerry Solomon bought a pizza from The Harvest restaurant to celebrate the official opening of the new restaurant on the corner of Bay and Cronin roads. — July 24.

Superb capture: Bill Roberts of Hudson Falls caught a 21.5-inch largemouth bass, using a worm as bait, at Lilly Pad Pond in East Hartford.

“The fish weighed six pounds.” –July 25

after-sales service: The Preservation Hall Jazz Band was scheduled to perform on July 30 at the Saratoga Performing Arts Center. — July 27

Editorial: “On the time scale of history, we are rapidly moving towards the day when men will venture on long journeys into space. This will subject them to greater physical and psychological stress than anything encountered so far.

“So far, even the longest orbital mission has lasted less than two weeks. Lunar voyages have been accomplished in days. Before the end of the century, however, crews can be sent on missions of the order of entirely different duration. …

“The current ground test, in which three astronauts will spend 56 days in a mock-up skylab, will in turn give space doctors a good idea in advance of how the orbital mission will affect members of the crew. … There is a significant difference: the astronauts will talk with their families and watch television.” — July 24

Quoteable: “If what I’m doing captures their imagination or gives them a little thrill, then we’ll all be better off than I fear.” Americans have become too bland, too jaded. – Bob Sparks, speaking about his planned attempt to cross the Atlantic in a hot air balloon, July 26

Maury Thompson was a Post Star journalist for 21 years before retiring in 2017. He is now a freelance writer and producer of documentary films who regularly researches historical newspapers in the region.

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