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Before the Fair, before the start of the school year, before the end of the summer which legally falls on a certain (appropriate) Monday, there is a lull. It’s up to you to fill in. Stretch your nights out as late as possible by hanging out at the brewery festival until they kick you out. Treat yourself to wine and crime, then spend your whole weekend on a terrace with podcasts. Find the whiskey tent in St. Paul, possibly cancel all other plans.


So, Famous Dave eh? The barbecue chain’s local restaurant has been sold to Montreal-based MTY Food Group for a whopping $200 million. They say HQ will stay in Minnetonka.

Yia Vang has a new series on titled Enthusiasm. This is the heritage of Hmong cooking over fire and wood-burning grills. It has grilled duck laab and wild boar coppa steak recipes waiting for you!

Also, feels like the week to remind you s’more technology.


+ If you’re looking for cooler, deeper waters, go find the new Northland Pantry food truck in Duluth. It’s parked near Vista Fleet Cruises, just up Harbor Drive on the downtown waterfront. This is a project of the amazing farmers at Y-ker Acres and the very talented butcher + chef at Y-Ker Acre Meat Co. no salad that (FINALLY) looks like the right amount of ham for a salad.

+ Urban wok has a new location in the West End. This brings the total number to four locations, Lowertown and SLP, plus two out-of-state locations. It’s all about cashless ordering, personalized bowls with the veggies and sauces you love, zip in zip out. I remember really enjoying the Cilantro Lime Fried Rice.

+ Count Giles is now open for lunch! But. For the month of August, that’s all they will be open, O-Di lunch service from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m., with take-out until 8 p.m. And unfortunately there will be no alcohol during the August lunch. The Qunicy Street Distillery is trying to complete its legal paperwork and licensing, so dinner and booze are on hold for a while.


>> HUGE news again this week! Tim McKee is firmly back in the restaurant game. He’s starting a Spanish restaurant that leans into the cuisine of the Basque country, and he lands somewhere in North Loop on 1st Street. The exact location is unconfirmed, but do you have eyes? Can we have a private moment to think that Thoma, Burnet, and McKee will suddenly all be comfortably seated on the same street?

>> It will soon have to be called MAXI-golf ammmmirite? Looks like there’s a luxury mini-golf operation in downtown Mpls., in a newly constructed apartment building across from the Four Seasons at the tip of North Loop. the putter announced that it would open three uniquely themed indoor trails with bars and lounges throughout. Pizza, snacks, very small pencils and drinks are part of the offer. No opening date mentioned.


// Irish Fair in full swing this weekend in Saint-Paul. You think March is the only day these brogues come to play? Head to Harriet Island for cloggers, Celtic comedy, Biddies Galore (literally ‘3 women who can’t stop dancing’) and of course afternoon tea. Also, fish n chips, curry chips, pastries, lots of Guinness and whisky, cider and mead, plus a pub quiz and the first ever Red Locks toasting competition on Saturday. Bring your best limerick and be ready to raise a glass.

// Gather your friends for a little evening of Wine & Crime tonight at the Fitzgerald. The live podcast is hosted by three girls who love their wine, love their true crime, and holy cats love their Minnesota accents. It’s a hoot!

// Find it Asian Street Food Night Market on White Bear Avenue tonight. From 4 p.m. to midnight, there will be plenty of food trucks and vendors, DJ tunes, and a talent show.

// It is also Made in MN Oktoberfest Day at Canterbury Park on Saturday. This Oktoberfest ticket includes all beer tastings, live music and admission to the races. It’s $50 for unlimited beer and ponies, which is good luck. Pro tip: Race 1 … 3-1-6-7

// At the State Capitol on Saturday, please enjoy India Day. Besides henna painting and Bollywood performances, there is a beautiful parade to watch and good food from Barwachi Biryanis, Hyderabad Indian Grill, Pizza Karma and many more.

// Open Streets takes over East Lake Street Saturday. From 2 to 22, you can stroll and ride without a car. The Midtown World Market has LOTS of good treats, but also a block party and live music stage.

// Breathe, you know you like that pungent stench, it’s the MN Garlic Festival Saturday! Hutchinson has never smelled so good. Only $10 to get it, and then it’s chef demonstrations, Crow River Winery, craft beers, garlicky soft serve, a harvest blessing, and an official Garlic Bloody Mary tasting.

// This is a very special episode of Sunday Cheese Day at Keepsake Cidery on the 14th. Three extremely talented local cheesemakers (Shepherd’s Way, Cannon Belles and Capra Nera Creamery) will be on hand to teach you cow, sheep and goat cheese. AND there will be special cheese toasties made with the goods, as well as cheese-matched pet-nat cider tastings. I don’t know how you don’t drop everything for that.

// On Sunday evening, the Brit’s outdoor movie night is Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire. No word on butterbeer promotions.

// Next Wednesday 17 is the Taste of Lakeville which will illuminate the southern metro. You have to stick to a list of food vendors that starts with Amoco, hoping some of those paper-wrapped breakfast sandwiches aren’t allowed to be as good as they are. Other tasters include B-52 Burgers, Bourbon Butcher and Lakeville Brewing. The VIP ticket includes a Woodford Reserve Lounge.

// If you’ve never been to the innovative Workplace and are wondering if it’s worth it, the kitchen invites you to grab a bite. Introduction to work is like a slice, an 8-course mini-experience offering some of the best dishes on summer menus for $99. Reservation from August 18 to 20.

// Don’t forget that you can get Smoke tickets now, as Early Bird rates end tonight!

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