The best photos of craft beer lovers at Inverurie Brew Fest

Hundreds of people turned out in support of Inverurie Brew Fest which took place at Aberdeenshire Town Hall today.

Craft beer enthusiasts and music lovers flocked to the market square in Inverurie to support a variety of brewers, bands and acts who were in attendance at the event.

Dozens of beers, some with unusual flavors, were offered for tasting by the seven brewers presenting their products.

Barry Reid of Reids Gold, Stonehaven. Photo by Kami Thomson/DC Thomson

These businesses included local Reid’s Gold Brewing Co, Spey Valley Brewery, Dog Falls Brewing Co, as well as Beer Ink, Law Brewing Co, Cold Town Beer and Two Town’s Down Brewing.

The Carnoustie Distilling team were on hand to serve up their range of vodkas, rums and gins, including a Banana Caramel Rum Liqueur and a 67% ABV Mango Rum.

Dundee’s Highland Moon, a moonshine distiller, was also present.

The festival was divided into two different sessions, the first taking place from 12pm to 4pm and the second from 5pm to 10pm.

Dutch fries specialists from Aberdeen, Aberdam, have brought their food truck with them to serve up their popular fried and mashed burgers. This is their second outing with their newly equipped van.

Andy Sinclair and Louise Todd from the organizers. Photo by Kami Thomson/DC Thomson

Andrew Sinclair and Louise Todd of AL Elite Events Ltd are the duo behind the event. They managed to bring Dundee Brew Fest to Scotland, where over 800 people attended two sessions in one day.

They were delighted with the turnout and feedback they received from customers that day and are hoping for the same reaction from Inverurie residents and those traveling to the area for the event.

Were you at Inverurie Brew Fest today? Check out our photo diary of the event below to see if you can spot yourself.

Susan and David Batty of Methlick. Photo by Kami Thomson/DC Thomson
Visitors enjoying the festival. Photo by Kami Thomson/DC Thomson
Talk over a beer, what better way to spend a Saturday? Photo by Kami Thomson/DC Thomson
Vapor trails. Photo by Kami Thomson/DC Thomson
Drink beer and listen to live music. Photo by Kami Thomson/DC Thomson
Erma Jansen and Ross Lawrie of Cold Town Beer. Photo by Kami Thomson/DC Thomson
Beer makes everyone smile. Photo by Kami Thomson/DC Thomson
Ewan Grant and John Wake. Photo by Kami Thomson/DC Thomson
Christine Bell and Emma McDougall. Photo by Kami Thomson/DC Thomson
Charlie Thornhill, Oliver Harrison and Mel McOwen of Spey Vally Brewery. Photo by Kami Thomson/DC Thomson

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[Best pictures of craft beer fans at Inverurie Brew Fest]


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