Summer travel plans cut short by gas prices? You’re not alone

There is no doubt that now, if you are in charge of the finances of your home, you have seen the gas bill climb rapidly as the price of gas continues to rise.

This week, gas prices at Yakima rose another 2.2 cents per gallon, averaging $ 3.75 per gallon. According to the GasBuddy survey of 91 stations in the Yakima area, gasoline prices are 5.6 cents per gallon higher than a month ago and $ 1.11 per gallon higher than one year ago. GasBuddy’s price reports show Yakima’s cheapest station is priced at $ 3.19 per gallon today, while the most expensive is $ 3.99 per gallon, a difference of 80.0 cents per gallon.


It is not cheaper on the national side. The national average price of gasoline rose 0.6 cents per gallon over the past week, to an average of 3.18 gallons. The national average is up 3.5 cents per gallon from a month ago and $ 1.02 per gallon more than a year ago.


“Motorists have seen average gas prices rise slightly over the past week, even as the price of oil has come under selling pressure. This leads me to believe that the tide may soon turn on gas prices, as long as the price of oil comes under selling pressure. that we don’t see hurricanes targeting In addition, data from GasBuddy showed a drop in gasoline demand last week as we near the end of the summer driving season, a time when demand is softening “Said Patrick De Haan, head of petroleum analysis for GasBuddy.” With the factors pushing up prices softening, I hope that over the next few weeks we will start to see prices gasoline means go down. However, motorists shouldn’t get too excited just yet – larger drops are unlikely to happen until the end of September and October, when we return to winter gasoline. less expensive. “


Historical gasoline prices in Yakima and national average going back ten years:
August 9, 2020: $ 2.64 / g (US average: $ 2.16 / g)
August 9, 2019: $ 3.14 / g (US average: $ 2.65 / g)
August 9, 2018: $ 3.37 / g (US average: $ 2.87 / g)
August 9, 2017: $ 2.67 / g (US average: $ 2.36 / g)
August 9, 2016: $ 2.51 / g (US average: $ 2.12 / g)
August 9, 2015: $ 3.08 / g (US average: $ 2.60 / g)
August 9, 2014: $ 3.86 / g (US average: $ 3.47 / g)
August 9, 2013: $ 3.84 / g (US average: $ 3.56 / g)
August 9, 2012: $ 3.68 / g (US average: $ 3.66 / g)
August 9, 2011: $ 3.82 / g (US average: $ 3.64 / g)

The neighboring districts and their current gas prices:
Tacoma – $ 3.90 / g, down 0.6 cents per gallon from $ 3.91 / g last week.
Seattle – $ 3.98 / g, down 2.1 cents per gallon from $ 4.00 / g last week.
Washington – $ 3.78 / g, up 0.8 cents per gallon from $ 3.78 / g last week.

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