Streat Kitchen street food business opens in Dundee

Dundee’s Gin Festival organizer Carrie Shannon has successfully launched a range of food businesses during the pandemic and has now set up her first street food business, Streat Kitchen.

Carrie Shannon (42) is no stranger to hard work. The Dundee’s Gin Festival organizer has successfully launched a range of food businesses during the pandemic and has now set up her first street food business in the city.

When the pandemic hit, events manager Carrie decided to enter the food and drink sphere after events were canceled and people were forced to stay home.

Launching her first food business We Love Platters during the first lockdown, Carrie saw the business go from strength to strength and decided to look for premises to start her own street food business, Streat Kitchen.

Owner Carrie Shannon with nachos loaded with Streat Kitchen mac and cheese.

Inspired by London’s thriving food truck scene, the entrepreneur saw the opportunity too offer a different offering in Dundee and invested in a commercial kitchen at The Circle business center on Staffa Place, and also bought a food trailer to sell food on the go.

She previously launched her stovies business, Stovie Stramash, in June last year and that business will be incorporated into Streat Kitchen’s offering in the near future.

The four-person team behind the businesses will now run both We Love Platters and Streat Kitchen from the commercial kitchen unit.

Street food scene in Dundee

Speaking to Carrie, she said: ‘I run Gin Fest and similar events. When Covid-19 hit, it all fell apart, and that’s why we got into the food market – we made a big change!

“My initial idea was to set up a street food market in Dundee because I have a background in events.

Customers will be able to order a range of dishes.

“As soon as I hosted one, I felt like making one myself, so I looked into it and started Streat Kitchen. I love food and I love cooking. experiment.

Due to issues with the extractor in their commercial kitchen, Carrie decided to launch Streat Kitchen with a limited menu.

Only available for collection or delivery Wednesday to Sunday open 7am to 9pm, customers can try the dishes on offer by calling 01382 767002 or messaging the business on Facebook or Instagram.

What does Streat Kitchen currently offer?

The limited launch menu will include 28cm loaded beef hot dogs, nachos, salad rolls, baked potatoes and a full breakfast menu.

On top of that, Carrie hopes to offer a vegan alternative that tastes the same as the regular menu options.

Nachos loaded with macaroni and cheese or chili and hot dogs will be available.

Carrie explained: “I’m not vegan but I have vegan friends. The vegan market is not very big in Dundee so we want to offer a vegan part of the menu with hot dogs, burgers and salads. It will also be a big part of the menu.

Plans and future menu of Streat Kitchen

Carrie expects Streat Kitchen to be running at full capacity by the end of February and her mobile truck up and running by the end of April.

The food truck will offer the best of the Streat Kitchen menu to the community in Dundee and beyond, and it will also appear at events such as The Yard, and be available to hire for events and weddings.

After February, Streat Kitchen will offer its full menu to customers, with a mix of meat and vegan options to choose from.

Dishes available will include:

  • Fries topped with chicken katsu, vegan chicken katsu, bacon and cheese, triple cheese, pepper sauce and vegan pepper sauce
  • Bison bites and cauliflower bites
  • Mozzarella sticks and jalapeno poppers
  • Burgers including a beef and chicken burger menu
  • Nachos
  • Milkshakes
  • A selection of desserts

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[Streat Kitchen street food business opens in Dundee]


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