Stop pretending to support agricultural development, accuse South West governors experts

An expert in agricultural business development, Ms Ife Adeniyi, on Tuesday called on governors of the Southwest to pay more attention to food production to avoid impending famine in the region.

Adeniyi, who launched the call for the first Osun Food and Drink Festival, a seven-day program run by the Agritourism Empowerment Foundation, noted that if it was done, it would end the over-reliance on food. from the north of the country.

“It is now necessary for the governors of the Southwest to rally with the farmers of the region in providing basic needs and adequate security to increase the massive food production of the population.

“We have observed that the governments of six states in the Southwest are lip service agricultural development.

“More specifically, there has been no coordinated plan to increase food production. Insecurity drives the few farmers we have to abandon their farms.

“The activities of pastoralists who graze on farmland and destroy produce are still largely unchecked, even with the passage of an anti-open grazing law in these states.

“The combination of all these factors and others has led to an astronomical increase in food prices in the South West region in particular.

“If it is not controlled by well planned and coordinated government interventions, it can lead to famine and it will amount to anarchy. That is why we call on the governors of the region to pay more attention to food production and to end the overdependence on food products from the north of the country, ”she said. .

Adeniyi, who is the coordinator of the Osun Food and Drink Festival, said the seven-day event will attract more than 100,000 people to Osun from all walks of life and outside of Nigeria, adding that more than 150 stalls exhibits will enjoy the rich ambience of indigenous heritage and the different types of local food and drink.

Emphasizing the importance of the event, she said that the seven-day Osun Food and Drink Festival will serve as a platform to connect local farmers with local and international buyers.

In a related development, Osun State Commissioner for Commerce, Industry, Cooperatives and Empowerment Dr Olanipekun Olabode said that many mineral resources have been discovered in the state that miners premises handle.

“We have seen all kinds of new things that we list as we expect us to manage in Osun and a lot of our food production is managed by state agricultural experts.

Dr Olabode, who appreciated the governor’s efforts to open up and show what the state has to the outside world when the Southwest Trade Show program closes in Osogbo, also hinted that the state had been able to record a huge success. in the last 13 days the program started in the state.


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