Plans are underway to host the next Filey Food and Drink Festival

It will be around the Center d’Evron and the Jardins du Croissant.

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Plans are underway to host another Filey Food and Drink Festival next month.

It should make a comeback around the Evron Center and the city’s Crescent Gardens on Saturday August 14 and Sunday August 15.

It is hoped that the event will be larger this time due to the lifting of restrictions, as it had already taken place last month.

Philip Armitage, director of the Evron Center, said:

“Everyone appreciated the way we manage the market because we obviously had to manage it to comply with legal regulations; we had social distancing, a one way station and we had to reduce the number of stalls but it still made a great day for everyone and the feedback we had from both exhibitors and the public was fantastic .

“The number of attendees in June was definitely a lot higher than last August. It was great to see a lot of new faces, a lot of families coming too and it was just a big event. I think people are coming from. get used to because it normally takes place three times a year and last year we were hoping to hold it five times but we couldn’t due to restrictions.

“If the regulations allow, we were hoping to expand the event next month, but obviously it’s up to senior management to look into this, but we’ll just have a wide and wide variety of booths; we’re looking at more vegetarian options, we have stalls that offer scotch eggs, Korean food, Yorkshire gin, whatever you can think of and maybe some artisan chocolates, but maybe in October, as it might be a little too hot in August to turn them off.

“We like to see people here and we try to change the stalls as much as possible, but we try to keep the stalls regular here too, because people will be coming to Filey Food Fest because a particular booth is there and I think it is. ‘is really important. I think the success of this one is that we also work closely with the exhibitors so that we get a lot of feedback from them. “

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