North Texans gather for interfaith celebration following acts of hate – NBC 5 Dallas-Fort Worth

The Colleyville community gathered for an interfaith rally Monday night after anti-Semitic and racist material was distributed on neighborhood lawns.

It also comes just over a month after members of a Colleyville synagogue were held hostage by a gunman.

The interfaith gathering was planned before the recent incidents. But after this weekend, with hateful messages hurled at properties, people came with a renewed sense of support for each other.

Messages found on lawns over the weekend contained anti-Semitic material and other racist white separatists. Colleyville Mayor Richard Newton denounced the act and said he believes it was part of a nationally coordinated effort as similar flyers were found in Garland and as far away as San Francisco, Denver and Miami. .

Rabbi Charlie Cytron-Walker tells us that bringing people from all walks of life together on Monday night was essential.

“If it was just us defending ourselves, it would be a bigger tragedy,” he said. “And the fact that we had so much support, that’s the kind of thing that every group needs.”

Colleyville Mayor Richard Newton also released a statement that said in part:

“I am saddened that people have chosen to bring this intolerance to Colleyville. These views do not reflect those I find among members of our community. Our citizens have always chosen to love and support each other, regardless of their religious beliefs or heritage.

Colleyville police tell us they are investigating and will continue to take video and advice on the doorbell.

The FBI has been contacted, and they’re telling us they can’t open an investigation based on First Amendment protection. However, they will focus on people who are committing or intending to commit acts of violence, so they should be notified if anyone notices criminal activity.

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