Metrofest criticized for being ‘like Fyre Festival’ as thousands queue in the rain for hours and HALF of headliners don’t show up

THOUSANDS of revelers were forced to queue for hours in the rain at the Metrofest – which has been dubbed “UK’s Fyre Festival”.

Half of the headliners also failed to show up at the Trent Park ‘disaster’ event in north London yesterday.


Fat Joe on stage at the Metrofest in North LondonCredit: Getty
Festival-goer Hayley Alys described the event as


Festival-goer Hayley Alys described the event as “a glorified Spotify playlist in the mud”Credit: Hayley Alys

The first festival was heralded as showcasing some of the “most iconic figures” in R&B and Hip Hop.

American group Blackstreet and singer Bobby V were on the program, alongside Fat Joe, Eve and Fatman Scoop.

But many of the 15,000 fans – who had paid up to £ 95 for the tickets – were furious when many acts never got on stage, and the sets for those who did were cut ‘very short’ .

Mya, Eve and Tony Touch didn’t show up and Blackstreet pulled out at the very last minute.

Doors were supposed to open at 11 a.m., but organizers said it was pushed back to 12:30 p.m. just 10 minutes before.

Fatman Scoop, who originated the 2000s mega-hits Be Faithful and It Takes Scoop and featured in Missy Elliott’s Lose Control, was due to MC throughout the event, but wouldn’t take the stage until after 19 time.

Among the crowd was Vic Wood, who described the festival as “a mess.”

The music fan, who drove four hours to get there, told The Sun Online: “I should have known when Metrofest failed to release the line-up before the event it was going to be. a shambles but honestly my friends and I were just so excited to go to a festival again and see some of our favorite artists.

“However, it was so poorly organized that you could barely hear the music from the main stage and there was just a random DJ playing all day instead of the advertised acts.

“No one told us that the acts were not available and even the staff we spoke to were completely unaware of what was going on.”


She added: “The festival was cashless and we had to load money onto a bracelet which now appears to be just another way to defraud their customers.

“I firmly believe that the organizers should be held responsible for not having organized the festival that was promised.”

Party girl Hayley Alys said she and her friend have been looking forward to the event for months.

But she said: “From the start it was very disorganized. They opened the doors late due to the lack of water in the toilet, the employees seemed confused half the time and didn’t know how to direct you and everything. the park was a quagmire.

“We tried to explore early in the day but could barely walk, it was so slippery with the organizers making timid attempts to drop wood chips in spots.

“There was also no communication, so by the time 7pm rolled around we were still waiting for Mya, Blackstreet, Fatman Scoop… basically most of the headliners.

“By this point, I had seen food vendors yelling at participants, security arguing with each other and more people falling and getting hurt than I can count.”

It wasn’t a cheap day to travel to London, with food and drink, only to have a glorified Spotify playlist in the mud and rain.

Party girl Hayley Alys

Hayley and her boyfriend ended up leaving early and are now urging Metrofest to pay everyone back.

“It wasn’t a cheap day to travel to London, with food and drink, only to have a glorified Spotify playlist in the mud and rain,” she said.

Twitter also erupted with complaints from disappointed festival-goers, with many comparing the “nightmare” event to the infamous Fyre Festival.

The 2017 American music show was sold as an ultra-exclusive, one-of-a-kind VIP experience that was sure to be the next big thing.

But, thousands of people were left starving and stranded when it all turned out to be a sham.

A Netflix documentary on the flop festival presented its failures, describing it as “the biggest party that has ever taken place.”

A Metrofest ticket holder said the event was “actually a joke”.

“Blackstreet, Eve, Tony Touch and Mya didn’t show up,” he said. “Scoop was a glorified MC, Bobby V’s set lasted 10 minutes and Jon B was three hours late. Fat Joe was good, however.

“Overall it was the London version of the Fyre Festival.”


Another angry reveler said: “Metrofest = Fyre Festival London. I asked Barclaycard to request a refund and others should do the same!”

Others blasted the festival’s “appalling disorganization” and “inadequate” toilets.

“It shouldn’t be the ticket holder’s responsibility to have to look for basic information you, as an organization, should provide. We need refunds!” they said.

Another replied, “We need our refunds. The VIP section was totally inadequate and the toilets were disgusting.

“The security personnel were rude and aggressive. The acts weren’t happening on the main stage, what a mess!”

Blackstreet even complained to the organizers, saying they “refused to give us our Covid test results to return to the United States.”

The group called the festival leaders “terribly disorganized” and accused them of treating the group “like peasants”.

The Sun Online has contacted the Metrofest organizers for comment.

Horace Brown performs at the Metrofest 2021 in Trent Park, London


Horace Brown performs at the Metrofest 2021 in Trent Park, LondonCredit: Getty
Music fans were furious when most of the headlines didn't show up


Music fans were furious when most of the headlines didn’t show upCredit: instagram
Hayley Alys urges organizers to reimburse festival-goers


Hayley Alys urges organizers to reimburse festival-goersCredit: Hayley Alys
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