Mahaseel markets in Katara exposed until May – Doha News

Katara’s Mahaseel festival has come to an end but markets continue to welcome visitors until May 15.

Due to a remarkable turnout of visitors and shoppers, Mahaseel Market will continue to receive visitors on Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays of every week until mid-May.

“Mahsaeel” festival, which means “harvest” in Arabic, is the name of an annual festival that takes place in Qatar and aims to encourage local industry.

Visitors can see more than 25 stalls at the same time and enjoy a variety of products ranging from fresh fruits and vegetables, different kinds of plants and colorful flowers as well as honey, dates and dairy products.

The festival which is organized in cooperation with the Department of Agricultural Affairs saw the participation of 38 companies specializing in the food industry and agricultural production.

Local farm owners as well as food production companies take advantage of this opportunity every year to gain the trust of visitors either by displaying their products or in their abundance and compliance with quality standards.

Various farm owners and supervisors of domestic enterprises have expressed their joy in participating in the Mahaseel Festival, praising the outstanding success of the festival for the sixth consecutive year.

Local production of Qatari vegetables to increase following surge in demand

Mr. Salman Al-Nuaimi, Chairman of the Organizing Committee of the sixth edition of the Mahaseel Festival, said: “The 2022 harvests have been marked by strong participation and interaction from farms, companies and Qatari food factories,” adding that “the festival’s tireless efforts to achieve food security and self-sufficiency contribute to the achievement of Qatar National Vision 2030.”

Visitors to the Sixth Mahaseel Festival praised the significance of the festival in showcasing the finest agricultural products and fresh animals produced by local businesses.

Speaking to QNA, one of the exhibitors highlighted the valuable opportunity for family farming enthusiasts where they can find all the seasonal flowers and seedlings in different shapes, types and sizes, as well as find advice on how to how to plant and care for plants.

Mr. Hamad Al-Saleh, one of the visitors to the festival, told QNA that he looks forward to the opening of the festival every year as he wants to avail the flower sowing offers. Many seeds are on display at the festival, from roses and ornamental plants such as pots, cacti and chrysanthemums, to fruit trees such as lemon trees, guava trees and other types of plants that thrive in Qatar’s climate.

People can still visit the southern part of Katara during the weekends and enjoy all the offerings of the Mahaseel market.

Over the past year, 51 new local Mahaseel outlets have sprung up across Qatar, growing from 44 to 95 in total.

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