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June 19, 2021

By Amy Hull
Chairman of the Board of Directors of LVHPA

The Longview Charity Horse Show will take place on Friday and Saturday June 25 and 26 starting at 6:30 p.m. at the Longview Horse Park located at 12600 SE Raytown Road in Kansas City.
The event, sponsored by Saddle Up, Inc., will be judged by Ray Krussell of Richmond, IL and is a benefit for the Longview Horse Park.

RA Long’s plan for Longview Farm was to have a country estate that benefits farmers by showing how to raise better livestock and crops and proving that it would be profitable to do so. The 1,800-acre farm, completed on June 1, 1914, raised hogs, dairy cattle, beef cattle, hay, and row crops. the largest equestrian operation west of the Mississippi.

John T. Hook became director of the Longview Farm saddle horse department in 1913 and developed a saddle horse operation whose annual horse sales attracted buyers from across the United States and Canada. Longview Farm had fifty of the best brood mares in the United States and beautiful mares were brought by their owners to the farm for stallion service by Easter Cloud, Independence Chief and My Major Dare who were great champions at the American national shows. and Canadian before standing. at stud. John Hook set up Easter Cloud in 1917 to win the first $ 10,000 bet ever offered at the Kentucky State Fair and during his five-year show career, Easter Cloud was only defeated once at the age of thirteen.

John, inspecting a group of foals before they were gelding, liked the way the head of Longview looked at him and moved around and John’s good judgment kept the vet from gelding.

John Hook was behind the famous hat trick in which he would intentionally lose his hat as the horse he was riding started racketeering, which made his horse appear to be racking faster than the others.

The Longview Farm Saddle Horse Department had other well-known assistant trainers such as Don Reavis, Charlie Bishop and Lonnie Hayden. At its peak in 1921, Longview Farm had 109 saddle horses in various stages of training and breeding. After RA Long’s death in 1934, the saddle horse department was dispersed, but there remained the Hackney Heavy Harness horses and the Hackney ponies.

Courtesy of Saddle & Bridle

Chief of Longview, affectionately known as the “Great Parader”, moved with “a dazzling glow in the ring like few horses do.” Born here in the pastures of Longview Farm in 1922 and trained at Longview Farm in the Saddle Horse Department under the direction of John Hook, Lonnie Hayden and Don Reavis, the Chief of Longview has won Stallion participation, Junior participation and the Grand Championship at the American Royal in 1925 when it first appeared in a show.

It was purchased by Lurline Roth of Why Worry Farm immediately thereafter for an unprecedented price of $ 25,000, the highest price paid for a saddle horse at the time. Chief of Longview was a four-time world stallion champion and won the $ 10,000 stake at the Kentucky State Fair in 1928, 1929 and 1930 with Lonnie Hayden.

Longview Horse Park is one of the largest equine facilities in the Midwest. We are sure that many people in this region, as well as across the country, remember the name Long in the horse world. As the legend of Longview Farm must live in this beautiful equestrian center which bears his name. The Longview Horse Park Association continues to raise funds for better facilities for equine activities and the recognition of the Jackson County Parks + Rec Department’s foresight is to be commended for its preservation of the past by honoring Longview Farm, RA Long and Loula Long Combs through Longview Equestrian Park.

Longview Horse Park hosts numerous horse shows throughout the year, including two horse shows recognized by the USEA and the Area IV Championship. Their events draw thousands of competitors and spectators to the Kansas City area each year. The local economic impact is significant and growing.

100% of your donations go directly to finance our mission to preserve and improve parks. They retain 501 (c) (3) status, all contributions are tax deductible. For more information visit longviewhorsepark.org.

Saddle Up, Inc. is a 501 (c) 3 organization with a long history of supporting important charitable causes within the Kansas City community.

Their designated charity is the Longview Horse Park and their mission is to continue to make improvements and support the maintenance of the park. Although the park is owned by the Army Corp of Engineers and managed by Jackson County Parks and Rec, improvements are only possible through donations and volunteer hours.

To learn more, visit their website at sellupinc.org.

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