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Honored to be part of the events of July 4 and 5

On behalf of Swing Factory and YOUR Woodland Park Wind Symphony, it has been an honor for us to provide our own version of “Musical Fire Works” at the Old Fashioned events on July 4th and the 40th Annual Above the Clouds Symphony.

As the conductor of both bands, it’s so hard to express how proud I am not only of our musical family from Swing Factory and WPWS, but of our family of supporters who celebrated not only two concerts. traditional, but the joy we all felt. after so many months of isolation and insecurity.

Thank you to the members of the Symphony Above the Clouds Board of Trustees for allowing us to help us move from months of obscurity to a bright new American Independence Day.

Barb Asbury and the Symphony Guild Board of Directors – thank you very much for trusting the Swing Factory Big Band and the Woodland Park Wind Symphony Family to allow us to be a part of the 40th Symphony Above the Clouds Celebration.

Kudos also to Gayle Gross, the Old Fashioned July 4th Committee, the vendors, the city team, Chris Orton and the fabulous “Stage Talent” for helping bring this wonderful community tradition back. After skipping a full year, “picking up the pieces” of this community function was a challenge that made everyone have a great time.

It seems like every time our family of musicians get together, BIG THINGS HAPPEN MUSICALLY and PERSONALLY! As the “leader of the band” every concert was “sparkling”.

I really don’t think I remember feeling so much joy from our local musicians during the two days of concerts. So many members of the audience on both days expressed how much they enjoyed listening to live music again.

The pleasure shown on the faces of the performers and the audience is a “pandemic” that I think we can all live with.

Oh, by the way … THANK YOU “MOTHER NATURE!”


Craig Harms, Music Director, Swing Factory Big Band and Woodland Park Wind Symphony, Woodland park


Re: Symphony of July 5

Thank you to the Ute Pass Symphony Guild and their sponsors for this wonderful celebration of July 4th weekend with the traditional non-traditional July 5th Symphony above the clouds! What a pleasant night it was! Low clouds hanging under the stars. Calm breezes. Clear weather. A huge crowd in the open air. People happily picnic with their friends and family. People are dancing. Children playing. And the wonderful trilogy of musical entertainment!

I know I’m not the only one who missed the July 5th celebration, with the pandemic and some weather cancellations. I’m sure I’m not the only one who said it was worth the wait! I also appreciate the honor of the charming and true words of our friend Sandi King and Kellie Case in tribute to her.

From rock n ‘roll to fabulous swing music to the last notes of “1812 Overture” and cannon fire, and with the “Star Wars” theme played as everyone gathered chairs and kids, blankets and baskets and walking towards our cars, it was such a free and easy feeling, it left me with a big smile on my face! Thanks everyone! It’s good to be together again.

Suzanne Core, Woodland park


Thanks to Ryan Baade

I’ve heard that Ryan Baade will be leaving the Woodland Park Parks and Recreation Department in the near future. I have been able to see his hard work over the years as a parent with children in soccer, basketball and other sports, but also as a volunteer coach from time to time. The talents and humor he brought to the job will be deeply missed, whether it is finding a dramatic (then) but now forgotten issue with league rules or parenting drama, or whatever. more mundane thing like finding a kid who was on my team but never showed up for training. Or getting the same coaches to get together well, even though I had been there five times before.

Thank you Ryan for the passion, organization and dedication. He is excellent at his job, the City was lucky to have him and he will be missed.

Todd wiseman, Woodland park


Re: Hefter letter of June 30

Joel Hefter got it right in his letter! Those of us who are suspicious of Andrew Wommack and his alleged group of religious leaders in Woodland Park ARE in fact enemies!

The problem is, he is completely wrong about the object of our hatred. What we hate is the kind of religious, social and political intolerance that Wommack and his followers espouse, the exact kind they would establish as the status quo in Woodland Park and Teller County if they were there. authorized. DO NOT. TO GO. AT. HAPPEN.

Of course, throwing out the label of “hateful” is the predictable conservative pseudo-Christian response to anyone who disagrees with their position. A theocracy, whether at the federal, state, departmental or even municipal level, is totally contrary to what our founding fathers envisioned and modeled on our government.

Hefter should look up the word “domination” in his dictionary again. It means “to rule” in a biblical sense or in any other sense, regardless of any peripheral involvement. Oh, and as to his question of whether we should “burn down the campus and build pottery shops, a pole dance school, and a nude beach?” – well, they might actually generate more tax revenue than the so-called non-profit, unaccredited Bible College in Wommack. The real question is, if Wommack and his ilk were running things, would they if that was what the ELECTORSHIP wanted? No, they wouldn’t … and that’s the point.

Greg Sauer, Woodland park

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