House of Cannabis releases “A Quick Smoke”

Tacoma’s cannabis stores have seen so much violence lately that it’s a blessing to share the news that House of Cannabis owner Kevin Heiderich has produced a video project that’s sure to take the bad stuff away for a while. moment. It’s called “A Quick Smoke” and it’s visible on

Before hitting “Play”, be sure to sit back and relax, light up a J or press your favorite smoking device, then sit back and let your mind be free. Also turn off the lights, as “A Quick Smoke” is best experienced in the dark with your vision focused only on it and with headphones or earphones in place. Soon you’ll be whisked away in 4 minutes and 20 seconds of neo-psychedelic vibes with all its spatial delight.

Accompanying trippy visuals and audio effects, the music is the backbone of “A Quick Smoke,” and Heiderich can’t say enough good things about the artists who lent him their work for the project. The film opens with Tacoma’s Fun Police and then transitions to Sun Atoms out of Portland, two very different tracks that work perfectly together in this production. Both groups let Heiderich use their work without question, and he is grateful for that.

“The independent musical artists in our region are the unsung heroes in my opinion,” said Heiderich. “I couldn’t think more of the artists we’ve worked with. Both songs are perfect for their moments in the video and I really appreciate the artists.

The Fun Police have been one of Tacoma’s most beloved bands since 2008. Known for their epic gigs, the 10-piece band is unlike any other and very entertaining to say the least. Playing reggae, punk, folk, blues and more in their truly unique style, the band members’ instrument range spans from your standard variety to banjo, violin, accordion, glockenspiel, horns, flute and several hand percussion instruments. Their contribution to the film, “Dispensary Bust”, is the opening. With its “get it done, sort of busy sound”, as Heiderich recounts, the song begins the session on celluloid. Check out their videos, music and more at

Tacoma’s Fun Police donated their music to the film.

As the smoke comes in, the movie transitions to a cold, mellow vibe from there. with his second track, “Cat’s Eye” by Sun Atoms (featuring Alex Maas of The Black Angels). Sun Atoms almost defies description in words because the music transcends listeners beyond what our trusty five senses would have us believe. British publication “The Chronicle” says,“There is a type of ethnic music designed to be played on religious holidays, aimed at putting listeners in a trance…Sun Atoms are trying to achieve the same goal.” The article says “Cat’s Eye” is “more like looking into the eyes of a mythical beast. It’s psychedelic with repetitive guitars and a steady beat…meant to put you in a semi-trance. Mr. Atoms’ voice is surprisingly deep, almost Leonard Cohen….” Learn more about

“A Quick Smoke,” directed by Heiderich and David Centioli, debuted March 17 for a Facebook Live premiere and has been viewed hundreds of times since. It was meant to be accepted into the Spliff Film Festival and while that didn’t happen, Heiderich still has plans for it to be screened in a cinema, which is what it’s intended for – to be seen and heard on a big screen. screen you can just mentally fall into.

“I guarantee that whether I have to pay to have it on screen as a commercial or it gets accepted into the Tacoma Film Festival, I will,” Heiderich said.

Set aside a moment to take this trip into psychedelia and also add the link to your “Favorites” because you’ll probably want to board this flight again and again.


Cannabis house

David Centioli
Kevin Heiderich

Director of Photography

David Centioli

Digital edition

David Centioli


David Centioli
Kevin Heiderich


Kat Gloudemans
David Centioli


David Centioli
Kevin Heiderich


Jessica Kalil
Kat Gloudemans
mike mcdonald
Zack kitchens
David Centioli
Kevin Heiderich


“Cat’s Eye”
Written by Sun Atoms
Performed by Sun Atoms (featuring Alex Maas of the Black Angels)
Courtesy of Sun Atoms
Solar atoms:

“Bust of the Dispensary”

Written by fun font

Performed by The Fun Police

Courtesy of fun police

The Fun Police:

Joints courtesy of Stingers and tubes courtesy of Bondi Farms.

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