Ganesha Festival in Hassan Example of community and religious harmony

Ganesha Festival in Hassan Example of community and religious harmony

Hassan: The district witnessed community harmony as the Muslim community participated in the Ganeshotsava organized by the Panchajanya Ganesh Samiti in association with members of the Pension Mohalla Barline Masjid, local journalists and the Hassan Police Department.

Today we see people fighting in the name of religion. In the past, we have witnessed violence in various districts of Karnataka. But in Hassan, current SP Hariram Shankar made history by organizing a unique program that brought together people from all walks of life. When Hariram Shankar was the law and order DCP in Mangaluru, he played a vital role in cracking down on various illegal activities, detective in criminal cases and successfully solved many cases thus putting the criminals behind bars.

When we hear the news of communal discord in the state, Hassan Hariram Shankar’s PS started a new trend by uniting people in Ganeshotsava organized by Panchajanya. The people of Hassan gathered for the Ganeshotsava to show their solidarity.

Hassan’s Muslim leaders said, “We Hindus and Hassan’s Muslims are one. We have no discrimination. Today we participated in Ganeshotsava organized by Panchajanya”.

Speaking to Mangalorean SP Team of Hassan Hariram Shankar said, “The Ganeshotsava was organized by Panchajanya Samiti under the guidance of Vijay Kumar and his team, Shakib and the team of Pension Mohalla Barline Masjid, news reporters and the police department. When there is communal discord in the country, the people of Hassan wanted to lead a peaceful life and therefore asked to celebrate the Ganeshotsava”.

Hariram Shankar added, “I just helped them achieve their wish and made all the necessary arrangements to organize the Ganeshotsava smoothly. The people of Hassan are peace lovers and they want to live in peace and harmony. I wish them all the best.”

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