FW22 key color predictions for menswear

Ahead of the FW22 men’s shopping season, we present key color predictions using colors from the Sophicolor.com library.

Reload and reset

In Fall / Winter 2022, the company continues to pursue “a new normal” with a slower pace of life and a renewed focus on health and wellness. It’s time to recharge your batteries and reset your value system, focusing on spirituality, community and the environment. Weather conditions are unpredictable and consumers will become more aware of seasonal changes, while still wanting trans-seasonal color palettes in some cases. This will have a direct impact on their color choices.

To harvest

Pexel / Sophicolor

Inspired by a pre-religious holiday, the celebration of a successful harvest comes in various forms around the world. It is a busy time of year for the farming community as they come together in the crops; inspired by wheat fields and golden skies. It’s a classic fall palette for sweaters and outerwear.

Color Palette: Yellow and brown undertones mix with burgundy and orange and a touch of gray blue.


Pexel / Sophicolor

Focusing here on flowers, such as pansies, which bloom during the winter months. Flowers can speak to us and put us in touch with our spirituality. It’s a palette that lends itself to intarsia patterns on knitted sweater and prints for shirts to be used throughout the season.

Color Palette: Bold shades of peach, pink and orange return to purple, brown and cream.


Pexel / Sophicolor

Walking on the beach in winter can be as attractive as it is in summer and is beneficial for your health. Pale sunlight evokes a sense of well-being, while walking on sand, instead of the sidewalk, strengthens muscles. This palette is ideal for high tech materials for use in rain gear and casual wear.

Color Palette: Icy, acidic pastels are toned down by navy blue, teal, and dark green.


Pexel / Sophicolor

Due to global warming, heavy snowfall is rarer than 20-30 years ago. Get out there and enjoy the winter wonderland, as it is usually short lived. This is a color palette that works well for outerwear, knit sweaters, and throws.

Color Palette: Classic tones of blue, green and ocher are tempered with navy blue, off-white, shades of gray and accented with neon blue.

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