Firefly Music Festival day 3: Green Day energizes fans

A slice of pizza costs $10.

Mac and cheese is $16.

The cost of a good time in the Firefly Music Festival food court is not invaluable. It can cost a pretty penny.

Some fans on Saturday, Day 3 of the festival, weren’t crazy about the prices at the main restaurants in The Woodlands of Dover.

Also, some food prices exceed $20, such as loaded toddlers ($22).

Other food and drink prices that stood out included lemonade for $10, a chicken finger and basket of fries for $17, a single scoop of ice cream for $9, fries for $9 and a basket of bacon burger for $18.

Samantha Six, of Wanaque, New Jersey, was snacking on a thick bowl of chicken and cheese macaroni on Saturday afternoon that she spent $16 on.

“It’s exploitation,” Six explained. “They know they can charge through the roof. It’s a monopoly.”

Six was having dinner in the main food court with her festival pal Henry Gericke, who was eating a bowl of macaroni and cheese with bacon. He spent $17 on his bowl, which included a $1 tip.

Gericke, from New York, said he felt compelled to tip because a message popped up on the food vendor’s iPad asking if we wanted to donate after he bought it.

Considering he spent nearly $20 on the mac and cheese, he said the tip should have already been built into his expensive meal.

But he gave in and spent an extra dollar because he didn’t want to look like a jerk.

“I feel like I had no other choice,” he said.

Provider West Coast Events is offering nearly a dozen food outlets at Firefly this year, including stations that sell macaroni and cheese, pizza and chicken tenderloins.

Shannon Church, manager of West Coast Events, said the price of their food was due to supply chain issues.

“Food [cost] increased everywhere,” Church said. “When you go shopping…a lot of things have doubled in price a lot.”

Church also mentioned that customers receive large portions of food like their mac and cheese, which justifies their prices.

Will Vaughn from Connecticut said the average portion of food at Firefly was a decent size. But he wished the portions were a bit smaller so the prices were a few dollars less.

Music lovers pay $10 for a slice of pizza and $10 for lemonade at the Firefly Music Festival on day three in the Woods of Dover on Saturday September 24, 2022.

Festival-goer Danica Ellison from Dover said that unless vendors are selling a specialist item, the price of food at the festival should be much cheaper.

“You shouldn’t have anything on your menu that doesn’t exceed $15. And $10 should basically be the norm,” Ellison said.

She was skeptical that supply chain issues were driving high prices, especially for the $10 a slice pizza. “You can go to Little Caesars and get a whole pizza for $6.”

Her festival pal Diane Silbersen, also from Dover, said she was not a fan of paying $4 for a bottle of water at Firefly, given that you can buy a pack of 20 at a grocery store for little almost the same price.

“It’s quite expensive,” Silbersen said.

The Firefly Music Festival is held at The Woodlands (599 Persimmon Tree Lane, Dover) until Sunday.

To see the full Firefly program or for more information, visit

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