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Riverview Gardens and Gifts has a wide selection of fall decor items to encourage seasonal home decor updates. (Garden with river view and courtesy gift)

Over the seasons, the color scheme of the decorations is used to greet those who come to the house as the front door approaches, brighten up the fireplace by the fireplace, and welcome family and friends who have gathered. for meals at the table. Need to change.

If you go to your local garden center, you’ll see a transformation that includes everything you need to inspire you to create centerpieces, arrangements, and other creative solutions to celebrate the season through decorating.

Diane Sarkus, owner of Riverview Gardens and Gifts in the canton of Alsace, said: “They sell very well and quickly, and they also sell mums, kale, ornamental pepper and beautiful planters combined.”

The fancy pumpkins shown here in Terrain can be easily stacked by removing the stems. (Provided by Courtney Diener-Stokes)

novelty pumpkin

Jimmy Trayhiller, owner of Wendy’s Flowers in Douglass Township, Montgomery County, and his wife Tammy, are intrigued by fancy pumpkins to decorate the fall on standard varieties. Special easy-stack pumpkins, such as Cinderella and Jarderdale Blue, are always a strong decorative trend.

“Everyone is crazy about the different types of fancy pumpkins,” says Treichler. “Stackable pumpkins have been extended to 15 special pumpkins. “

However, standard Jack-o-Lanterns are still used effectively.

“They still carve traditional pumpkins and add them (using special pumpkins) for decoration,” he said.

Mixed planter

Treichler discovered that due to the pandemic, people are spending more time at home and therefore have more decoration than usual.

“Over the past two years, the overall demand for decoration has been high,” he said.

Mixed planters are attractive because they have the ability to change from season to season.

“This is a two-season planter with a mix of mum, kale, cabbage and rooster comb,” says Treichler. “They are really popular planters. They also have perennials.

Besides the ability of planters to grow from fall to winter, there is another attraction that Treichler pointed out.

“It’s an instant planter instead of buying an individual,” he said. “When the colors of kale and cabbage are wintry, the planters move. “

Ephemeral decoration

Overall, Wendy’s is better suited to recent natural fall decorations than the Halloween screaming type.

“We are trying to get decorations that will last the whole season,” he said. “A few years ago it had a carved pumpkin look, but now we’re looking for a more conservative and durable look.”

The same goes for what they prepare for the winter season.

“Now we’re focusing on the snowmen and the winter scenes versus Santa Claus, which lasts a month,” says Treichler.

When asked what he thinks sparked an interest in decorating longevity, Treichler pointed to the recession caused by COVID.

“It all started and continued in the last recession we had,” he said.

Pile of pumpkin

With the exception of mixed planters, which are also found on Devon land in Chester County, the trend for pumpkins stacked on the front pocket is increasing. Esbenshade garden centers and greenhouses are pre-stacked for purchase.

“We’re stacking them up and pushing the idea,” said Karl Richard, site manager for Maidencreek Township in Esbenshade. “People are buying the whole stack.”

Richard said the pumpkins are sold individually, but they already fit together, so it’s easier to buy a stack.

Terrain stacks not only a wide variety of special pumpkins, but also different types of mini pumpkins to prepare for the annual Family Autumn Bounty Festival over three weekends. We are. The harvest season.

They cut the stems without cutting the pumpkins, then glue them with a glue gun, then add succulents, moss and other fall decorations. The mini stack is an ideal centerpiece.

Annual fall event

Terrain hosts an annual event this year, but Esbenshade is not hosting an annual scarecrow event for the second year in a row.

“I used to stuff the scarecrows and provide everything, but with COVID and the proximity to do it, I must have hurt him again this year,” said Richard.

If you want to be smart, you can save money and get the same result if you’re willing to spend more time instead of spending more time pre-creating everything.

Cinderella pumpkin decorated with succulents and moss from the land of Devonyard. Succulents can be purchased from Glick’s greenhouse in Oley Township for your own production. (Provided by Courtney Diener-Stokes)

Pumpkin with juicy decoration

For example, to create their own decorated juicy pumpkins, Glick’s Greenhouse in Oley Township has a huge selection of juicy caps, each for just 99 cents.

“We still have them (the succulents),” said Joe Glick, nephew of owner Dave Glick, who helps run the operation. “Depending on the size of the pumpkin, you need 8 to 12 succulents, depending on how full you want.”

Anna, the oldest son of Joe’s six children, got smart with his family at home and recently made a yarn-covered pumpkin.

“I bought some fun styrofoam pumpkins and fall threads, wrapped them and pulled twigs from the tree to make stems,” she said, adding that her mother had found the idea on Pinterest.

Anna said it was easy to do in just 10-15 minutes per pumpkin. Then they were used to decorate the coats of their tables and fireplaces.

“We made several different colors and placed them in the center of the table to make the eyeballs,” she said. “You can also run different sizes. “

Anna is used to her role when it comes to seasonal transitions in the household.

“On September 1, our house blew up with a pumpkin,” she said. “We have a lot of fall decorations – we’re all switching from one season to the next.”

For more information

Wendy’s Flowers

1116 E. Philadelphia Avenue, Douglass Township, Montgomery County



Esbenshade Garden Center and Greenhouse

(Places in Maidencreek Township, Brecknock Township, Lancaster County and Lititz)

721 Park Road, Maidencreek Township



Riverview Gardens and Gifts

3049 chemin Pricetown, canton of Alsace



Green House of Glicks

57 Fisher Mill Road, Cognos Township



Devonyard land

138 Lancaster Ave., Devon, County Chester



Inspire you

Fall bonus weekend on the Devonyard field

Free Sunday event: Demonstration of an exciting seasonal project from noon to 2 p.m. Pumpkin Carving with Linda Allen, an artist who turns pumpkins into works of art from 11:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.

Coloring station for kids and cafe with seasonal menu

DIY fall decorating project

Learn how to make pumpkins out of wire for centerpieces and coats.

Take a look at the simple process here. No glue gun is required for this tutorial. All you need is wire, styrofoam pumpkin (available at discount stores), tree branches (or cinnamon sticks), scissors and apple corers (or apple choppers). Earth).

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