Ed Sheeran in Manchester – Etihad Stadium food and drink prices

Over the next four nights in Manchester, some 240,000 music fans will flock to see Ed Sheeran at his huge gigs at the Etihad Stadium. For those unfamiliar with the city or venue, it’s always good to know what the food and drink options will be at the stadium itself.

And luckily for those heading to the concert, there are a host of dining options inside and outside the grounds that you can enjoy. The stadium, home of Premier League champions Manchester City, hosts a full fan zone with a mix of independent food and drink operators.

Here, you’ll find everything from Northern Soul’s famous grilled cheese sandwiches to Ancoats’ best hip hop fish and chips. There are also a host of food and drink options once inside the stadium.

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Drinks are expensive though, so be prepared to pay between £5.75 and £6.80 for a pint of beer and around £6.50 for a glass of wine and £7 for spirits and mixer. Soft drinks are priced at £2.50 for bottled water and £3.50 for soft drinks.

Ed Sheeran will wow fans in Manchester this week

Food ranges from £3.50 for fries, £6 for burgers and £5.50 for grilled cheese sandwiches and £7 for vegan hot dogs. There are a multitude of different stalls catering to different needs, including gluten-free, vegetarian and vegan options.

Global guitar star Ed will take the stage at around 8pm each night at the Etihad Stadium concerts, although the doors will open for ticket holders to head downstairs from 4pm for concerts on Thursdays , Friday, Saturday and Sunday in Manchester. So here we’ve looked at the options inside and outside the stadium to help you decide where to grab a snack.

It should also be noted that you are not permitted to bring your own food and drink into the stadium with you, so if you are bringing your own food to eat, you will need to consume it before heading to your seats.

Town Square Fanzone

There’s a craft beer and gin bar at the CityZone

There are plenty of food and drink stalls all around the City Square fanzone, which you’ll find as soon as you step out of the Etihad Stadium tram stop. For those entering the stadium through the Ashton New Road entrances, you can find the Fanzone between Gates A and Z of the stadium.

Here you will find plenty of great outdoor bars where you can buy a mix of alcoholic drinks, wines, locally brewed beers as well as soft drinks.

Drinks at the Craft Beer stand include Hoppy Pale Ale, Bones Lager and Neck Oil for £6.80 a pint. At the nearby gin stand you are looking for a Classic G&T for £7.50 or £11.50 for a large.

Food stalls include Northern Soul grilled cheese with their famous melty sandwiches. Their offerings include the classic sandwich for £6, Mac Attack (with mac n cheese) for £7 and cheese fries for £4, while drinks here include beer or cider for £5.75 and wine for £6.50.

There’s South Manny Flavaz which sells classic chicken and chips for £8.50, a chicken burger £9.85, boneless Texas strips for £5.50.

Street food stand Oh So British sells the classic ‘Mannie cheese burger’ for £6, the gourmet burger for £7 and the fish finger butty for £7, while chips start at £4.

Inside the stadium

Inside the Etihad Stadium – pictured here when Liam Gallagher played on June 1, 2022

Once inside the stadium, you can still purchase a range of hot and cold meals as well as alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages from the stations located in the lobby.

Prices include: Amstel for £3.25 for 1/2 pint, £6.25 for a pint; Strongbow Dark Fruit for £3.25 for 1/2 pint, £6.50 for a pint. Gin and tonic and vodka and coke cost £7, while a 187ml glass of red, white or rose wine costs £6.50 – or you can buy a bottle for £25.

A 300ml bottle of water costs £2.50, while Coke or Sprite Zero costs £3.50.

There’s a range of different food stalls in the lobby, with burgers and fries, chicken and fries, and nachos. The prizes we spotted include a loaded BBQ and cheese nacho platter for £5, a chicken and chips wrap for £7, a mega bowl of chicken and chips for £9.50 and

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