Church inundated with seasonal decorations as Hemyock marks harvest festival

The Sainte-Marie church was awash with seasonal decorations for the harvest festival.

The villagers of Hemyock marked the event on Sunday, September 26 with the porch, sanctuary and every window sill showcasing gorgeous fall colors performed under the direction of Monica Smith.

The font contained four Margaret Allen screens in white and yellow. Directly opposite, a David Bawler flower and vegetable exhibit showed that containers of all types, from a toilet bowl to a charcoal bucket and washing machine pill boxes, can be used to grow. things, while a harvest bread stood proudly on the altar

The Friday evening thanksgiving service was led by Reverend John Stone with guest speaker Helen Williams, Diocese of Exeter children’s mission counselor for children and families (5-11 years old). The Farming Community Network, a charity that helps members of the farming community manage and thrive in times of hardship and times of change, was chosen by Helen for donations.

David Bawler alongside his plant recycling display will grow in anything

Under the direction of Ron White, the choir sang Weir’s hymn I love all beauteous things and the organist was Nigel Atkinson. This was repeated in the Sunday morning service.

After the service, a take-out dinner, including harvest bread prepared by Meg Palmer, was overseen by Hazel Partridge and Sarah Folland with entertainment by Chris Hudson and Janice Bawler with Ron White playing the accordion and singing the community .

On Sunday morning, Reverend Stone led a Holy Communion service with the final hymn closing the weekend using the traditional tune, We plow the fields and scatter but with words recounting tractors, combines, the fertilizers, the atomic powers, the galaxies and the stars but how we depend on God to provide the sun and the rain to provide us with all the right gifts in our lives.

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