China reaps bumper crop with grain production hitting new high in 2021

File photo: Xinhua

China has secured another bumper harvest in 2021, with grain output reaching 1,365.7 billion jin (682.85 billion kilograms), a record high, data from China’s Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs showed on Thursday. .

This is the seventh consecutive year that the country’s total grain production has exceeded 650 billion kilograms.

The bumper harvest came despite extreme regional weather conditions, including periodic floods and droughts as well as pest damage in some areas, said Zeng Yande, an official with the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs, at a press conference on Thursday.

The 2021 harvest, the first year in which China has comprehensively advanced rural revitalization and accelerated the modernization of agriculture and rural areas, has played an important role in opening a new chapter and stabilization of the overall situation. With the keyword “stability” defining the policy direction, the ministry will adhere to the two basic principles of ensuring national food security and preventing a large-scale return to poverty, according to the official.

To ensure stable grain production, China took a series of measures last year, such as providing subsidies to protect farmers from the effects of rising prices of agricultural supplies and intensifying the fight against disasters.

The area sown to cereals was 1.764 billion mu (117.6 million hectares) in 2021, an increase of 12.95 million mu from the previous year. Pig production has also fully resumed. By the end of 2021, there will be 43.29 million breeding pigs in the country and production capacity will return to a reasonable level. Annual pork production stood at 52.96 million tonnes in 2021, up 28.8 percent from a year earlier, in line with historical normal levels, according to the ministry.

In terms of vegetable and fruit production, it is estimated that the annual vegetable area was 320 million mu in 2021, producing 750 million tons of products, while fruit production exceeded 290 million tons, ensuring the market supply.

At present, the total national vegetable growing area is about 80 million mu, an increase of more than two million mu year on year. Total vegetable supply over the next three months is estimated to be 170 million tonnes, up 3.5 million tonnes year-on-year. In addition to winter vegetables, the combined supply is about 3 jin per person per day, said Tang Ke, an official with the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs. “However, due to higher gasoline and diesel prices, in addition to seasonal factors, vegetable prices are expected to remain robust.”

“In view of the overall situation, the total supply of meat, eggs, milk, fruits, vegetables and fish is sufficient and can fully meet the consumption needs of urban and rural residents during the upcoming holiday season. the Spring Festival, and, Olympic Games and Beijing Olympics 2022. Paralympic Winter Games,” noted Tang.

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