“China produces lemons all year round, which gives the country an advantage”

The temperature in China dropped earlier than usual last year, which impacted lemon sales. More recently, market demand for lemons has increased again. The price is currently stable. Director Ma, the sales spokesperson of Sichuan Snow King Lemons, recently spoke about the current conditions of China’s lemon market and the export market.

Director Ma first talked about the conditions in the production areas. “The production volume this season is around 400,000 tonnes. Production volume was down about 30% from last season because temperatures dropped earlier than usual last year. However, the percentage of commercially viable fruit was higher than last season. The harvest is already in stock. The price has increased by 30-35% compared to previous years because the production volume has decreased. The price of all the lemons in stock remains rather high.

Sichuan Snow King Lemons is a service company specializing in planting, harvesting, processing and selling lemons. The company processes more than 55,000 tons of lemons per year. Snow King Lemons primarily sells lemons in the domestic market to drinking places, restaurants and wholesalers. The company also exports a small volume of lemons to Southeast Asia.

“Domestic market demand comes mainly from restaurants. It is not winter and the overall volume of demand is rather low, so movement of goods is limited, especially now that temperatures have dropped earlier than usual. Low temperatures always affect lemon sales. However, the pandemic is largely under control in China and the economy is recovering rapidly. This is why the demand has recently increased.

Asked about the market forecast for the next few weeks, Director Ma replied, “Some sellers began to accelerate preparations in mid-January, and domestic order volumes are gradually increasing. Price fluctuations have been minimal since the end of the Spring Festival period. And the market demand will probably remain stable as well.”

Sichuan Snow King Lemons export small volume of lemons to Southeast Asia market. The export price of lemons has been stable for some months. The current FOB price is around 19.50 USD. “Our export volume is lower than in previous years. This is mainly due to the pandemic and rising shipping costs, which add uncertainty in the lemon export market.

Talking about the competitive advantage of Chinese lemons this season, manager Ma explained, “The price of Chinese lemons is quite high this season, and the cost price of Turkish or Egyptian lemons is lower, which gives them a advantage. But this is only a seasonal advantage for a few months. Chinese lemon growing areas produce Eureka lemons all year round.

Sichuan Snow King Lemons was established in 2020. The company is located in Anyue County of Sichuan, also known as the “hometown of lemons in China”. The company’s motto is “product quality first, and customers foremost”. The company’s mission is to improve the revenue of lemon growers, stimulate the development of strategic partners and ensure stable supply to customers. This is how Sichuan Snow King Lemons helps develop the lemon supply chain in Anyue County.

For more information:

Ma Jie – Manager

Sichuan Snow King Lemons

Phone. : +86 18189675898

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