Burnham-On-Sea food festival duo shocked by mention of Prince Charles in new book

The organizers of the Burnham-On-Sea food festival, Bev and Sarah Milner Simonds, say they are shocked to have been mentioned by the Prince of Wales in the introduction of a new book exploring Somerset.

Deepest Somerset, released last week, is a new publication that explores people, places and community roots.

Written by Fanny Charles and Gay Pirrie-Weit, the book is the third and final in their series to lift the veil on West Country counties and what makes them unique.

The new book with Bev and Sarah Milner Simonds

Prince Charles says in the book: “Bev and Sarah Milner are particularly striking. [Simonds] description of their arrival in Somerset to discover that their new neighbors felt completely disconnected from the productive landscape surrounding their city, and how this inspired them to create their food festivals to bring people and the land together.

Eat: Festivals co-founder Sarah Milner Simonds said, “We were blown away to read the introduction and to be chosen like this – there are over 400 companies and people in the book and to think of all of the ones our origin story touched Prince Charles is breathtaking.

And co-founder Bev Milner Simonds adds, “It’s been 9 years today (Wednesday) since we hosted our first food and drink festival right here in our hometown of Burnham-On-Sea. Since then the event has grown here and we have been invited to host festivals in 20 different cities, welcomed over 850,000 visitors, won 27 awards, created 4,890 business opportunities and generated over £ 42million in local economic impact. We are extremely proud of what we have created and smashed to pieces with this incredible recognition. “

The authors of the book will be at the next Eat: Burnham-on-Sea food festival on Saturday 23 October with copies of their book, as well as the others in the Deepest series.

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