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-IPCC report

-Lessons on forest fires

-Ranked choice vote



Taxing singles and offering wedding lotteries – how the superpowers have handled falling birth rates in the past

COMMENT Go back to England and France in the 17th and 18th centuries and you’ll see the same kind of debate about birth rates that we see today. 1035 words. By Amy Froide, University of Maryland, Baltimore County

In Moscow, Idaho, Conservative “Christian Reconstructionists” Thrive Amid Gospel Unrest

RELIGION Controversial pastor aims to convert city of 25,000 as part of major expansion plans. One scholar says the influence of the congregation is growing. 1206 words. By Crawford Gribben, Queen’s University of Belfast

Why Refusing COVID-19 Vaccine Is Not Just Immoral – It’s ‘Un-American’

The founders of RELIGION America accepted the reality of human selfishness. But, they also said that people are able to think for the good of the whole, which is necessary for a free society. 1474 words. By Christopher Beem, Penn State

Hip-hop vacation marks a turning point in the education of a musical form that began at a back-to-school party in the Bronx

COMMENTARY With Congress designating August 11, 2021 as Hip-Hop Celebration Day, an academic and performer of the art form calls for hip-hop to become more prominent in American academia. 1127 words. By AD Carson, University of Virginia

Closing vaccination clinics in schools does not protect minors – it hurts already disadvantaged people

COMMENTARY For decades, American schools have been common sites for immunization clinics to respond to epidemics and provide catch-up vaccinations. So why are they suddenly controversial? 976 words. By Katherine A. Foss, Middle Tennessee State University

What is ranked choice voting? A political scientist explains

COMMENT This may be new to Americans, but Preferential Voting has a long history and it is quickly spreading in the United States in 1,121 words. By Joshua Holzer, Westminster College

What is Pegasus? Cyber ​​security expert explains how spyware invades phones and what it does when it enters

COMMENT A tool designed to track down criminals and terrorists has potentially been used against politicians, dissidents and journalists. This is how spyware works. 831 words. By Bhanukiran Gurijala, University of West Virginia

People living with HIV face harmful stigma on a daily basis – DaBaby’s rant was just more public than most

COMMENT Microaggressions are more subtle than outright discrimination. But they can directly affect the results of HIV treatment. 782 words. By Sannisha Dale, University of Miami

Is drinking good for you? If not, why is alcohol legal for adults?

COMMENTARY Drinking alcohol increases your risk of accidents and can harm your heart, liver, and even your brain. But making the sale of beer, wine and hard liquor illegal has failed. 715 words. By Margie Skeer, Tufts University

IPCC Climate Report: Profound Changes are Underway in Earth’s Oceans and Ice – Senior Author Explains What the Warnings Mean

SCIENCE OR TECHNOLOGY Some of climate change will be irreversible for millennia. But some can be slowed down and even stopped if countries quickly reduce their greenhouse gas emissions, including by burning fossil fuels. 1,417 words. By Robert Kopp, Rutgers University

Water cycle intensifies as climate warms, IPCC report warns – means more intense storms and flooding

COMMENTARY Water risks are exceptionally destructive and the impact of climate change on extreme water events is increasingly evident, warns a lead author of the new report. 621 words. By Mathew Barlow, University of Massachusetts Lowell

3 lessons for logging towns as wildfire destroys historic Greenville, California

COMMENTARY Hundreds of computer simulations indicate some of the best strategies for protecting homes from fires in a warming climate. 1158 words. By Bart Johnson, University of Oregon and David Hulse, University of Florida

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