Bayfront hosts Lake Superior Harvest Festival

DULUTH, Minn. – If you like locally grown food, huge crowds and fun activities for all, then Bayfront was the place for you today.

The 28th Annual Lake Superior Harvest Festival returned with over 100 vendors. The festival started as a market for local farmers to celebrate harvest time.

While that’s still true, it’s expanded since that first year. It includes an energy fair, exhibitor tent, and arts and crafts tables. So there really was something for each of the thousands that came out.

Crunchy the Carrot, a Whole Foods Co-op mascot, says, “As a carrot, I think the best part of Harvest Fest for me is that we’re finally getting things off the ground, we’re celebrating the end of the harvest season. growth, we are getting really good carrots for the coming winter.

The festival tries to be a spotlight for all the major producers in Northland. That meant a blacksmith, live music, maypole dancing and chickens to pet. Organizers say the festival’s success is due to people who enjoy supporting local farmers and non-profit organizations.

“It’s great on both sides,” says Julie Allen, festival director for the LSSFA. “For these businesses and organizations to be out there and sell and/or educate. And for people to come visit, shop locally and learn about local organizations.

This is the largest event for the Lake Superior Sustainable Agriculture Association, but harvest time has only just begun. You can find information about future events on their website.

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