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I heard you were involved in a new thing called “Slice of Home”. Can you tell me a bit more and how did you get involved?

Yeah absolutely. Well I started two restaurants here in Denver about three years ago. And the reason I did this is because, personally, one of my family traditions was [that] my parents didn’t have a lot of rules in life, but I think one of the best things was that they always said when we could, and when you can, we go to dinner together around a table. And so it was still important. It has always been important for me to share these memories with others, my friends and family continue to break bread, to have dinner, to chat, to focus on each other, the phones put aside, to eat and to drink and be merry with each other for [however] a lot of time you get. And so when Rudy’s Rocky Mountain Bakery came to me and said, “Hey, we’re doing this ‘Slice of Home’ campaign,” and it’s all about the fact that we can make memories by breaking bread together. and that Rudy’s Rocky Mountain Bakery can be part of that, I said, “I’m in it, that’s fine with me.” It’s something that I want to be a part of.

The concept of their campaign is that you would share some of your favorite recipes, your traditional recipes with sandwiches. So it’s a bakery, so bread is a big part of what they do. And for me, the California club is a sandwich my mom made when she was growing up. She had a big garden in Indiana and I took that same garden and made it here in Colorado where I live now. So I grow my own basil, tomatoes. And so it reminds me of home every time I make this sandwich. And I add these ingredients that I make at home. And so that’s fine with me. This campaign suits me.

So is this a social media campaign or is it a show?

It’s a social media campaign. So there is a gift aspect for them. If you follow Rudy’s Organic and follow me and sign up for the giveaway, you can get a Rudy’s gift bag which includes like a $ 100 gift card to Whole Foods and a toaster and some of the stuff that ‘they offer and part of their bread. So it’s mostly social for me. I think for them, as a brand, it probably extended way beyond me. It’s something bigger than they do. I’m only doing a small part of it.

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