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the sublime Sarah McLachlan returns to San Diego on Wednesday, performing at Humphrey’s on Shelter Island. This is a postponed show after a postponement from the original June 18 date. Born in Nova Scotia, McLachlan enjoyed a distinguished career as a singer, songwriter and recording artist. She is also a luminous presence on stage.

This year also marks the 25th anniversary of the founding of Lilith Fair, a McLachlan-designed concert tour that featured exclusively female artists. The tour that kicked off on July 5, 1997, in Washington’s little George, lasted nearly two months and included names like Tracy Chapman, Shawn Colvin, Jewel, Emmylou Harris and, of course, McLachlan herself.

A second Lilith Fair would film in 1998 with a lineup that included Sheryl Crow and Liz Phair and the Pretenders, among others, followed by a third Lilith Fair in 1999. This featured a date at the Coors Amphitheater (now known as name of North Island Credit Union). Amphitheater) in Chula Vista.

After a 2010 Lilith Fair revival tour, McLachlan called it quits. But there is no doubt that she has helped raise the profile of female artists in several musical genres.

Today there is probably a whole generation that has never heard of Lilith Fair. Some of them might even be in the audience Wednesday night at Humphrey’s. That’s great, and McLachlan might be the first to tell you that female artists like her no longer need an exclusive tour to proclaim their presence.

But she should still have “champion” on her CV with all the gold and platinum records to her credit.

REVIEW OF SARAH MCLACHLAN’S LAST CONCERT IN SAN DIEGO (FEBRUARY 18, 2020): Sarah McLachlan Flawless at San Diego Concert

stand-up comedy

Jerry Seinfeld in a scene from “Jerry Before Seinfeld”.


I saw by Jerry Seinfeld post-sitcom standup act a few times, here in San Diego and Las Vegas, and I still can’t get used to seeing him in a suit and tie. In my mind, he’s perpetually the everyday dude in casual shirt, blue jeans and his favorite pair of sneakers.

Whatever he wears, Seinfeld is always very funny on stage and it’s clear that stand-up comedy remains his first love. He’s no doubt resisted offers over the years to do another TV series and is keen enough to know he could never top a classic.

Seinfeld’s stand-up show lands at Downtown Civic Theater tomorrow night. Don’t expect to see him in a baggy shirt.

visual art

“Degree of Difficulty” by Alexis Smith (c. 2002)

(Brook and Erik Parker)

A new exhibition opens today at San Diego Museum of Contemporary Art in La Jolla: “Alexis Smith: The American Way.” Pop culture and American mythology are alluded to in the multimedia collage works of this LA artist, whose slate tile “Snake Path” is installed on the grounds of UCSD’s Geisel Library.

Smith, incidentally, was born Patti Anne but took the name Alexis in college as a nod to the Hollywood and Broadway actress of the same name. The latter co-starred three times with the legendary Errol Flynn, most notably in James J. Corbett’s lightweight boxing biopic “Gentleman Jim.” It’s a guilty pleasure for me.

Pop music

CeeLo Green

CeeLo Green

(Matthias Clamer)

I never had the opportunity to see the “Godfather of Soul”, James Brown, in concert. Those who have told me that its high octane emissions are unlike anyone else’s.

Rapper/producer CeeLo Green is more than a fan. He told online magazine Rated R&B last spring that Brown, who died in 2006, had been “a mentor, a teacher and literally a godfather to me throughout my career.” Hence the traveling show “CeeLo Green as Soul Brotha #11: A Tribute to James Brown.”

This concert, featuring guest Karl Denson’s Tiny Universe, takes place on Sunday at the Rady Shell in Jacobs Park.

Streaming movie

“Train wreck” isn’t a harsh enough term to describe the disastrous Woodstock ’99 festival held at a disused airbase in Rome, NY If you don’t believe me, stream the three-part series “Woodstock ’99 Trainwreck” on Netflix.

I remember reading about all the chaos of the July 1999 music festival at the time. But seeing it on film – the violence, squalid conditions and arson that accompanied the end of the weekend – is graphic and disturbing. .

What makes “Trainwreck” watchable, however, is the pointed testimony from personalities who worked on the festival about how and why it all went so wrong and how it could have been avoided. Promoters, on the other hand, which included 1969 Woodstock co-creator Michael Lang, fared almost as badly as the festival itself. This is not a musical documentary, because Woodstock ’99 will never be remembered for that.

Fall Arts Preview

Main image for the Fall Arts Preview 2022 story gallery

Everything we’re looking forward to this season in San Diego: from books and music to theater and visual arts, the fall season promises a cornucopia of artistic gems.

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University of California Television invites you to take advantage of this special selection of programs from across the University of California. Descriptions courtesy of and text written by UCTV staff:

“All Stars Sierra Leone Refugees in concert”: The Refugee All Stars of Sierra Leone rose like a phoenix from the ashes of war and ignited the passion of fans around the world with their uplifting songs of hope, faith and joy. From their humble beginnings in the refugee camps of West Africa, the Refugee All Stars of Sierra Leone have performed on some of the most prestigious stages in the world and have become one of the best touring and performing groups. recording from Africa. Don’t miss these inspiring performances recorded in multiple locations including Freetown, Sierra Leone and Brooklyn, NY

“China’s Changing Economy and Politics with Kevin Rudd”: China is a complex country, and so is America’s relationship with it. For Kevin Rudd, a China expert and former Australian prime minister, his perspective allows him to step back and see this relationship from a different perspective. Rudd’s insights into President Xi Jinping’s ideological worldview have captured the attention of governments around the world. Rudd believes the upcoming 20th Chinese Party Congress will be the most important event in 40 years, and he discusses new developments in China’s political economy, some of the challenges President Jinping is facing due to economic difficulties and their impact on US-China relations.

“Post-Roe borders? A conversation about legal, medical and political mobilizations”: When the United States Supreme Court overturned Roe v. Wade in June, the controversial ruling ended abortion rights that had been upheld for nearly 50 years. So what does a post-Roe world look like? In this program, Michele Bratcher Goodwin, professor of law at UC Irvine, and Laury Oaks, professor of women’s studies at UC Santa Barbara, discuss the far-reaching impact of the decision on legal, medical and political mobilizations. .

And finally: the best events of the weekend

The cast of

The cast of “Come Fall in Love – The DDLJ Musical” rehearses a dance scene at the Old Globe Theater, where the musical makes its world premiere from September 1 to October 16.

(Courtesy of Nancee Lewis)

Here are the main events taking place in San Diego from Thursday, September 15 through Sunday, September 18.

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