Application open for MVP Early Childhood Entrepreneurship Fellowship

Those interested in opening a home child care center in Macon-Bibb County can now apply for a scholarship that will help them through the application process. It will also provide the training needed to work with children with special needs, those who have had traumatic experiences or who are bilingual and how to integrate bilingual education.

“We want to provide the support and mentorship to help ensure everything that children have access to high quality care that meets their needs and that children are not left unattended or with inadequate supervision,” said Farryn Slaton-Barkley, Director of Education and Community Outreach . “Our priority is for future daycare owners who wish to serve children and families in Unionville or other communities that are not adequately served by daycare providers.”

Faith in Action Holiness Church is receiving $8,500 from the Community Foundation of Central Georgia through the Macon Violence Prevention (MVP) grant program to begin this outreach effort. Lack of options – or centers without trained staff – means parents are left with no safe place for their children during the day.

Applicants must be at least 21 years old, live in Macon-Bibb County, plan to care for children with special needs, be in Montessori training, learn on and offer trauma-informed practices, or intend to offer to integrate bilingual education. Preference will be given to prospective home daycare owners who plan to serve children and families in the Unionville area of ​​Bibb County or areas of babysitting deserts. In order to eventually open a daycare, a candidate must meet all the qualifications of Georgia Decal (the national licensing agency) and Macon-Bibb County Planning and Zoning.

Application for the program can be found here, and must be submitted by July 31. Successful scholarship applicants may receive financial assistance for their local and national applications, as well as toys and fencing, depending on their needs. Including:

  • Macon-Bibb Zoning and Planning Application ($315)
  • DECAL Family Daycare Application ($50 licensing fee due on first licensing visit)
  • Toy Grant ($300)
  • Fence grant for six children ($500)
  • Montessori training (up to $100)

According to Faith in Action, negative childhood experiences can be an indicator of poor quality of life, future experiences and opportunities. Parts of Macon are already grappling with the consequences of trauma and the negative effects that trauma can have on the wider community. The Church is fortunate to have a number of educators who know the needs and know how to meet them, so they have made helping children with special needs their number one priority on how they could help. the community through MVP.

“If we can make training easily accessible to new and future child care providers on how to How? ‘Or’ What provide research-based and trauma-informed practices, then we should ultimately see a drop in violent crime,” says Slaton-Barkley. “They will be better equipped and informed on how to work with children who have faced traumatic situations at a young age and also those who need specialist care.”

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