A celebration of 75 years in preparation at Faith Lutheran Church

June 5 marked the 75th anniversary of Faith Lutheran Church in Glen Ellyn.

Over 300 people filled the lawn for a joyful celebration that included delicious food, games, a bouncy house, a fun trip down memory lane and a glimpse into the future of this thriving congregation.

The day began with worship services that spanned the ages of Lutheranism with hymns and liturgy from the past seven decades.

Several former Faith pastors and staff were present and recalled how blessed this Faith community has been over the past 75 years.

Pastor Ken Stenman, who served at Faith from 1979 to 2001, traveled from Colorado with his wife, Priscilla, to join in the festivities and give a special blessing at the end of each service.

The worship was followed by a brief outdoor program, hilariously hosted by Big Ten Network sportscaster Mike Hall. He grew up at Faith Lutheran Church and, like everyone present that day, will always be part of the Faith family.

The program was a Faith Church timeline skit hosted by members of the Faith Lutheran Youth (FLY) high school youth group. It shed light on Faith’s story since 1946 from its two locations and two building additions to 1,050 baptisms, 540 marriages and 1,400 confirmed students.


Under a large tent, Faith Lutheran Church in Glen Ellyn celebrates its 75th anniversary with skits, games and a fun trip down memory lane.
– Courtesy of Faith Lutheran Church

The celebration also included a children’s scavenger hunt inside the church to find the time capsule that was hidden during Faith’s 50th birthday celebration.

Some of these precious items are now on display in the church. A new time capsule has been filled and hidden to be opened on the occasion of the 100th anniversary.

It is clear that Faith Lutheran Church has a rich history, but it also has deep roots in the community of Glen Ellyn which it lives by supporting many valuable ministries housed in its building, such as the ESSE Adult Day Center, Rainbow Place Preschool, ESL classes, and the new Glen Ellyn Pantry location (directly adjacent to the church building).

As 75 years of ministry and memories have been created within its brick walls and beautiful stained glass windows, the foundation of Faith Lutheran Church is the loving people who inhabit Faith.

Come see what Faith is. The church is located at 41 N. Park Blvd. at Glen Ellyn. Visit www.faithonline.org.

Summer services are held every Sunday at 8:30 a.m. and 10 a.m. All are welcome.

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