A beautiful bald eagle was rescued in Calhoun, Kentucky

My friend Nikki Christian rescues and rehabilitates all kinds of animals. If you ever visit her at her home, you never know what you’ll find living there temporarily. You may see raccoons, foxes, birds, deer, squirrels and more.

I mention the squirrels because she recently booked one for me. I found one in my garden. He was lying on the ground near my huge maple tree. He was alive, but breathing incredibly shallowly and unable to move. I called Nikki, she picked it up and a few days later called me to let me know the squirrel had gotten better, jumped off her shoulders and ran into a tree. Hit!

Coincidentally, she also recently rehabilitated an alligator she named “Stevie.”

Well, I’m not sure Nikki has ever encountered such a majestic rescue as the one she encountered earlier this week. There were reports of an injured bald eagle in Calhoun, Kentucky, so Nikki did what she always does. She went to look for him.

The eagle was found “deep in someone’s backyard”. The house where the eagle was found is near the road, so she doesn’t know if the eagle was hit by a car or sick.

Nikki Christian

Nikki Christian

Nikki cradled the eagle, then took it to safety at her home while she investigated and made further arrangements.

Besides, I was surprised when I saw the photos because the eagle seems rather tame. I’m not sure what I expected, but I didn’t expect the eagle to look so happy in the photos they shared of it. Nikki confirmed that she was relatively calm and cooperative. She said, “I’d rather handle fifteen bald eagles than a Canadian goose.”

Well, as you can see, the bald eagle quickly settled into Nikki’s house. It’s just kind of perched in his kitchen.

Nikki Christian

Nikki Christian

After rescuing the eagle and taking it inside for some much-needed rest, Nikki rushed it to the Western Kentucky Raptor Center here in Owensboro on Wednesday morning. However, she did not receive the best news. Experts at the center believe it’s possible the eagle has West Nile virus. The good news, however, is that the virus can be treated and everyone hopes the bald eagle will soon be flying again.

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